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News & Experience

I have more than 25 years of experience as Spiritual Healer, White Witch,Shaman.I  was born as an Indigo child, later I noticed that I could do more with my energies, from shamanic healing to Quantum Touch, different types of healing and cleansing properties and homes. In addition, I own a very rare gift as a rare old soul. So I am able to do several shamanic rituals and I can shapeshift into my spiritual totem animal the Whitewolf. This helps me on spiritual and astral levels. I have helped many people and animals  in the past, and still help both people, animals and spirit with my special ways.

Visions, numbers and

symbols observe:

 Seeing all kinds of symbols or numbers that suddenly pop up in your mind or in the external world. Many see eg regular 11:11 when they "accidentally" look on their digital clock or watch, or others see numbers like 22, 33, 555, etc ... These numbers serve as a subconscious trigger for a deeper awakening

A shortage of water.

Many transmutation symptoms are simply due to the fact that the physical body is too little hydrated, that is to say that there is too little liquid circulating in the body to thicken the waste. Water is a superconductor to remove. Anything that does not belong in your body from your system The brain cells contain 70% water, 75% of the muscles, of the bones contain 50% water, and even the blood contains 90% water. When a water shortage of about 10% of your body weight is your balance is already disturbed.
Soon you can also order other things on my website, I am currently setting up my shop where you can buy. candles, pendulums and much more.
News & Experience